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Notifications when presenter or viewer joins/ends meeting

    • Matt
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    It would be nice to have a programmatic way to tell whether the presenter and viewer has joined and left an ad-hoc meeting. Either an additional api endpoint like meetings/:id/status that could be polled or even better, webhooks.

    This would help us solve a problem where the viewer joins a link before the presenter, and so the viewer sees the text "This meeting is over" even though it hasn't started yet.

    It also helps us with another problem where the presenter has closed the app and visitors to the viewer link are taken to the home page. We could avoid this if we knew the presenter had ended the meeting.

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  1. join.kyle3 years ago

    Hey Matt,

    Start/end meeting webhooks are currently under development!

    When the presenter follows the presenter link and launches the client we'll call into your start meeting webhook URI, and when all participants have exited we'll call into your end meeting webhook URI.

    Stay tuned for updates on when this functionality goes live!


  2. Harefoot2 years ago

    Are there any updates on this functionality?

  3. Rushang2 years ago

    Any updates on this .. I am facing similar issue . please give me reply .. If this feature is available than it will good and i can buy join me feature

  4. join.greg2 years ago

    Hi Everybody,

    we are currently in the investigation phase of a webhook implementation, which can publish the meeting start and meeting end events for ad-hoc meetings as well.

    Unfortunately I can not give you an exact date, when it will be available. I will get back to you once it's released.


  5. Hardik Soni2 years ago

    Hello joinme

    Please let us know here. I am also interested to adopt this api hook in one of my project requirement.


  6. WMS IT Team8 months ago

    Hello Everyone,

    Trying to integrate the API for "Start Scheduled Meeting" using the Webhook of Start and End. Webhooks are getting created through the API Request as "webhooksStatus" is showing Success. However, when the meeting Started and Ended JoinMe API is not executing our provided Paths in the Webhooks Events of Start and End.

    NOTE: Using the Trial Version of JoinMe

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