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API integration with Symfony application

    • Kavitha
    • Topic created 2 years ago

    Could you help me technical details to integrate our application with api. Where do I get the API key for Does it support Symfony frame work. How to regiter? Does it use the application database for accessing login details.

    Application details: Framework : Symfony 3.0.3, PHP 7.0.15 Database : Mysql Web Server : Apache - 2.4.18 hosted on AWS - EC2

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  1. join.greg2 years ago

    Hi Kavitha,

    You can find the step by step description of the key obtainment process on our Getting Started page.

    Our API uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization. You find a detailed guide about it on our Authorization page.

    Please check out our example implementation here. I'm aware that it haven't been made using PHP and Symphony, but you can easily reuse the JavaScript files from the project.

    Best, Greg

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