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API pricing and call rate per second

    • nick
    • Topic created 1 year ago

    Hi there,

    We are working on a webApp that allows users to schedule for a meeting with customer using APIs. These APIs are working fine. although we have some below questions.

    1. Developer account and normal account are different ? Do we need to purchase both?

    2. We have multiple admin users who can create meeting. How many accounts(Developer or normal) we need to purchase ? Do we need to purchase single developer account and multiple normal accounts? what will be pricing for them?

    3. If we purchase single normal account then is it possible to schedule two meetings at a same time?

    4. Suppose we have 10 users those can schedule a meeting with customer using APIs. How many accounts we will be required?

    5. In developer account it is mentioned that there will be only 1000 calls per day and 2 calls per second. Can this be upgrade ? what will happen if we call more than 2 calls per second ?

    6. What is your support email-id?

    Your fast response will be much appreciated.


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  1. join.greg1 year ago

    Hi Nick,

    1. They are different accounts. You need 1 developer account to create an integration, and your integrations users need to have "normal" accounts to use it. The developer account is free, and you can use our 14 free trial for testing purposes.

    2. Only 1 developer account is needed for creating the integration, and you need multiple accounts to use the integration. It depends on your use case how much accounts you need. You can find information about pricing here:

    3. While you can schedule multiple meetings for the same timeframe, it's not possible to have multiple running meetings with the same account at the same time.

    4. It depends on your use case. Normally you need 10.

    5. In special cases the limit can be upgraded, but these limits are usually enough for a good amount of people using an integration at the same time. According to your description it certainly will be sufficient. If you reach the quota limit, please don't hesitate contacting us.

    6. You can contact us via the contact us form or following the instructions on our support page

    Best, Greg

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