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Following a url opens browser to "Looks like you already have the app", even with the app uninstalled

    • thefowles1
    • Topic created 6 months ago

    As the title reads, no matter what, any time I follow a link, I am taken to the browser page where it attempts to open the desktop app instead of loading the meeting directly in the browser. After a few seconds, the page shows the checkmark like it succeeded, but the app doesn't open -- because it was uninstalled long ago. I've removed any remaining traces, including folders in AppData -- everything, but this page always loads.

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  1. join.greg6 months ago

    Hi thefowles1,

    Please delete all the cookies related to from your browser and try it again.

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    They are the right go-to person in case of technical difficulties. They are not just able to offer you possible workarounds and fixes but are greatly supporting the dev teams' job by collecting all the relevant information.

    Should you have any questions regarding, our public API. Please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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