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Authorization Changes

Once you are given an Business API Key, you will have access to an additional OAuth 2.0 scope: provisioning. The Business API has access to the same endpoints as the Basic API, with additional /v1/presenters endpoints for Master Account Holders. If you want to request OAuth permission to provision presenters on a join.me Master Account Holder's behalf, simply include the provisioning scope in the OAuth 2.0 request, along with any Basic scopes you would like to request:

Example URL


If the user accepts this OAuth request, the resulting access_token will now be authorized to access the v1/presenters endpoints, in addition to the Basic API endpoints.

Business vs. Basic API Key

If you already have a Basic API Key when you request access to the Business API, we will upgrade your current key to the Business plan. This means all your existing OAuth 2.0 access_tokens (which were created with this key) will continue to work. However, if you want access to the /v1/presenters endpoints for one of your current users, you will have to re-request OAuth permission with the provisioning scope in the new request.